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Transcriptions (part 1) presents imagery from experiences with and within nature. The lumen prints come into being in concert with the act of touching, by bringing light-sensitive materials into immediate contact with nature, physically touching paper to soil, water, or plant material. This work situates the return to camera-less imagery, a current trend in contemporary art, as a valuable way to connect a photograph’s meaning and appearance with its technique and subject matter. The resulting photographs are passageways through which the transcriptions are carried across; they are evidence of a vision beyond what the eye can see.

Sometimes, the lumen prints are superimposed into images of the landscape in which they were created to ground them within their origin. Other times the camera-less images are left without an anchor to examine the material and imaginative basis of photographic experience. Here, images created in and of the landscape offer a raw, primal, and rooted aesthetic experience of place. They set up a world to create occasions for the recognition of beauty. Transcriptions asks the viewer to consider what can be learned from the world through direct physical contact with it, and what such a connection with the world may reveal about ourselves.