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Transcriptions: Indices from the Earth is a continuation of Transcriptions. This body of work presents non-representational images from experiences with and within nature. These images come into being in concert with the act of touching, by bringing light-sensitive materials into immediate contact with nature, physically touching paper to soil, water, or plant material. This work situates the return to camera-less imagery as a valuable way to connect a photograph’s meaning and appearance with its technique and subject matter. Each photograph is an indexical anchor of a time and place, yet its visuals stand apart from traditional methods of representation. The resulting lumen prints mark the space and movement between the Earth’s matter and the silver gelatin photographic paper.

The images in this body of work work to bring us to focus on the matter of the photograph and the earth, by examining how we consciously experience its tactile qualities, and how we interact with and have subjective responses to an images materiality. Here, images created in and of the landscape offer a raw, primal, and rooted aesthetic experience of place. They set up a world to create occasions for the recognition of beauty. Transcriptions: Indices from the Earth invites the viewer to examine the surface of the print, to encounter its materiality, and to be open to the photographic experience as being both indexical and a simulation - an ideological language that may forge new sensations.